Handcrafted made of pure cotton with original indigo blue print, reinterpreted according to historical models!

Summer Dirndl remember in cut and material of days gone by. At that time it was natural to wear the dirndl only barefoot. In order to preserve the natural, romantic and timeless impression of the past, the girls should only wear the Sommerdirndl barefoot!

The girls are happy in town and the country to go barefoot. Spending time barefoot is very healthy for the feet.

Sommerdirndl are the right clothes on sunny summer days. With love handmade to detail, from very tightly woven, pure cotton, made with more than a century old patterns in original indigo blue print.


The term "blueprint", which is firmly rooted in linguistic usage, is not technically correct. It is not printed in blue, but the pattern is applied to the fabric by means of a color-repellent material called a cardboard.With this mass, space is reserved for the pattern, so we speak of reserve pressure. The patterns and reels used for the Sommerdirndl are over one hundred years old. During subsequent dyeing in pure vegetable indigo, the color-repellent mass prevents blueing of the pattern.After repeated dyeing, the cardboard is rinsed with water and the beautiful white pattern on a blue background comes to light.

The blueprint experienced in recent years a renaissance after the original Indigo Blue pressure has been almost supplanted by chemical colors.

For the summer Dirndl unique twin blueprint is used on the front and back are different patterns!

The Burgenland Blauerdruckerei Koo in Austria manufactures this special material in traditional handwork according to historical originals.