Handcrafted made of pure cotton with original indigo blue print, reinterpreted according to historical models!

Summer Dirndl remember in cut and material of days gone by. At that time it was natural to wear the dirndl only barefoot. In order to preserve the natural, romantic and timeless impression of the past, the girls should only wear the Sommerdirndl barefoot!

The girls are happy in town and the country to go barefoot. Spending time barefoot is very healthy for the feet.

Sommerdirndl are the right clothes on sunny summer days. With love handmade to detail, from very tightly woven, pure cotton, made with more than a century old patterns in original indigo blue print.


For each girl, the Sommerdirndl is sewn individually to measure by hand.

 e-mail: [email protected]

Send an email with all the requirements, which model, such as bags, tape back to tie, side slot and the most important dimensions with address and phone number

The most important measures are: the length from the shoulder to the ankle, chest and abdominal circumference and the clothing size and the sleeve length at model 1900.

The price is for all models 350 CHF + shipping costs.